Precept, is a creative, accessible, enjoyable and important way of reading, reflecting and understanding the Bible. It enables you to see text through a new lens, drawing out context, history, author, intention, recipients and more. I spent so much time reading books about the Bible rather than reading the Bible. This has help transform my Bible reading."


Just quick email to let you know what a fantastic bible study we had last night. We went through the study you had at your Precept training evening. Working on the same principal, the story unfolded as we read aloud, then with M & V guiding through each verse & with us writing observations, each verse opened a discussion around the table, everyone shared & questioned even B. Most weeks not everyone will share or ask questions but this evening was a complete turn round as we were “engaged”.

Pastor Richard

We had a wonderful start to Thessalonians on Friday. One lady, who in September said she struggled to read the bible, is now grinning from ear to ear and reading it daily, keen to do the homework and very excited generally. It is so wonderful to see 😊. Everyone is very enthusiastic and the difference in the group since September is extraordinary! So glad I set it up.

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Through YOUR prayer and loyalty in supporting our mission of…

“Engaging people in a Relationship with God, through knowing His Word”

WE have been able to help equip others with life-transforming Bible study skills.

It's Precept Ministries UK's 20th Anniversary...

It's Precept Ministries UK's 20th Anniversary...

...and as a way of Celebrating we are putting together a special event at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster, London and WE want YOU to be a part of it!

Appreciation for Dedication- 16th Feb 2019

Appreciation for Dedication- 16th Feb 2019

Ever wondered about how effective Precept's Inductive Bible study method is on a global scale? Vasile Filat (International Director of Precept Ministries) will be joining us, to discuss how hundreds of thousands of people are being impacted by Precept Ministries in Islamic and former Communist countries. With a special time for you to share with Vasile how God is working in and through your study groups, we are looking to produce the best outreach so that more people can learn the skills and tools of inductive Bible study. If you are a Study group leader or passionate to disciple others through Precept studies, you won't want to miss this! There's no cost to attend but booking is required.

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Precept Ministries UK has only grown as a registered charity these past 20 Years, thanks to the continual investment of it’s Trustees, Church Leaders, Individuals and of course God’s amazing providence!

Here is just a snapshot of God’s work through our History

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Precept Ministries UK is formed into a registered charity, serving the people of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The Ministry operated out of three homes (Glastonbury, Bath and Camberley). Pictured above, an early training workshop in Camberley.


Kay Arthur came to England for the first time, to teach 690 people for our conference on ‘Covenant’ in Bath (filmed by God TV), where the Precept Ministries UK office officially functioned. Rosalind Meryon, directed the organisation assisted by a small group of volunteers. The Ministry at this point had 35 active supporting prayer members, led by Agnes Collins.


As the core group of Bible Study Leaders continued to grow, we began to expand our outreach. Through ongoing mentoring from Bob and Diane Vereen (Precept Ministries International ‘Ambassadors at Large’) and regular workshops, it was exciting to witness more people engaging in a relationship with God, through His Word. As the popularity of Inductive Bible Study continued to grow in the UK, Valerie Murphy was appointed Director of Precept Ministries Northern Ireland.


in 2007, God continued to raise up a team of Seminar Leaders and Trainers to equip people with the skills and tools of inductive Bible study, across the nation. We were also blessed to have our neighbours from across the pond show their appreciation for the growing ministry out here in the UK. Ian and Anna Bartholomew were appointed to direct the work North of the border, under Precept Ministries Scotland.



Having loved every moment of supporting CreationFest for over ten years, we were privileged to once again share the stage with some amazing teachers and worship leaders, and empower families and individuals from across the UK to go out and be ‘disciple making disciples’. Nigel and Molly, with five other adrenaline junkies, raised an incredible amount of money for the Ministry by jumping/falling out of a plane at 15,000 feet.


The turn of 2018 saw our social media expand by incorporating more Youtube and Facebook Live studies, to help us to interact with an ever increasing audience around the world. The Precept Bible School was launched in February of this Year, to Equip people to know God better, to Empower them to make disciples and to Resource them for a transformed life.

#PMUK20 on Social Media

#PMUK 20 HERE's where we need your help...

#PMUK 20 HERE's where we need your help...

Calling all creative wordsmiths, artists, journaling professionals, we want to hear from you! We need just 20 words that describe the way that Precept Ministries has positively impacted your life.

But choosing just twenty words to sum up precept ministries, is in fact a whole lot harder than it seems… That’s 20!