(BB) Delivered: Living Free in Days of Oppression (Judges) – small print


Delivered: Living Free in Days of Oppression – insides printed smaller

by Pam Gillaspie
8 lessons

Have you ever “followed your heart” smack dab into an enormous mess or leaped headlong into plans that were “right in your own eyes” only to find yourself trapped and oppressed? When the judges ruled in Israel, people did what was right in their own eyes following their own ways instead of God’s. Corruption ran rampant—though often veiled in pious language—as people lived in bondage to sin. Sound familiar?

Find a better way with Delivered: Living Free in Days of Oppression. This 8-week flexible inductive Bible study of Judges will guide you to identify the similarities between the days of the judges and our days. You’ll discover the life-changing truth that Jesus is the One who offers the ultimate deliverance and peace every person so desperately longs for and needs!

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Book of the Bible
1-5 hours per lesson
Length of Study
8 lessons
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