(BB) ESV Inductive Study Bible – Hardback – small mark on front cover


ESV INDUCTIVE STUDY BIBLE – HARDBACK (REVISED 2013) – small mark on front cover

This is the only Bible based entirely on the inductive study approach. It uses the English Standard Version (American spelling) and includes :
• an easy-to-understand explanation of the inductive study method
• simple tools to help you observe what the text says, interpret what it means, and apply it to your life
• helpful overviews and specific study tips for every book of the Bible
• “observation charts” you can use to record what you learn on various topics
• insights into the history, cultures, and languages of the Bible
• full-colour graphics, timelines, and maps to make the text come alive
• wide margins to record your observations
• a useful concordance
• a concise overview of what the Bible is, how it came to us, and how we can know it is the Word of God
• a ten-page summary of the major events in Israel’s history
• a one-year Bible reading plan and a three-year Bible study plan
• a harmony of the Gospels


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