(DS-45a) Bethlehem Discovery Study – Free Download


Bethlehem Discovery Study – Free Download

Was there any significance with Bethlehem being the birthplace of Jesus? (assorted Scripture passages)

Some people light candles on an Advent wreath as part of their spiritual preparation for Christmas. But did you know the second candle to be lit is the ‘Bethlehem’ or ‘Peace’ candle? When we think of Bethlehem, the location of the nativity, we remember a humble couple on an unwanted journey, at an inconvenient time, visiting a tiny insignificant town.

The location of Bethlehem (which means “house of bread”) for the birth of Jesus Christ, is not only a fulfilment of prophecy given hundreds of years earlier, but a reminder once again that God loves even the insignificant of the world. God’s Son was not born in a palace in a prestigious city, but in a lowly humble town, He will however return one day to rule and reign as King from Jerusalem! Find out more about this special city in this Bethlehem Discovery Study.

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