(I&O-17) Kings & Prophets 3 In & Out: Passing the Mantle (2 Kings 2-14 / 2 Chronicles 21-25)


In & Out Series

(2 Kings 2 – 14 / 2 Chronicles 21 – 25)
5 Lessons

Available in both the English Standard Version (ESV – American spelling) and New American Standard Bible (NASB).  When ordering the workbook, please make sure you select the version you want.

Could there be a man or woman like Elijah in our time – someone with his mantle who would boldly believe God and proclaim His Word? This study from 2 Kings and 2 Chronicles will help you experience the unchanging power of God in changing times!

NOTE: When leading an In & Out study group, the Leader Guide can be used to plan a lesson discussion. Please note however, that the Leader Guide is written specifically for the PUP series which covers the same material but is more in-depth, so additional information will be included. The CDs, MP3 and DVDs were recorded to accompany the PUP but can be used for the In and Out series too.

Additional Information

Book of the Bible
2 Kings 2-14 / 2 Chronicles 21-25
1-3 hours per lesson
Length of Study
5 lessons
Training Required to Lead
Not required but helpful