(40M-060) How Do You Walk The Walk You Talk? (Ephesians)


HOW DO YOU WALK THE WALK YOU TALK? – 40 Minute Bible Study
by Kay Arthur

6 Lessons

Do you know who you are in Christ and do you walk in a manner worthy of your calling – a life that imitates the walk and talk of Jesus? This study from Ephesians offers practical advice for everyday living.

Also, remember You are surrounded by a world that’s watching you, waiting to see if what you say is true and if you really believe what you say and “walk the walk you talk.”

That thought may seem overwhelming, even intimidating. But, Kay Arthur is ready to guide you into a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Similarly, this study of vital passages from Ephesians will help you discover what God says about the lifestyle of a true believer. Live in a manner worthy of your calling. Set the ultimate goal of developing a life marked by maturity, Christlikeness, and peace.

Get started on an authentic walk with God that matches your talk. Kay Arthur will show you the way.

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Additional Information

Book of the Bible
Ephesians 4-6
No homework
Length of Study
6 lessons
Training Required to Lead
Not required but helpful