“I had not heard of Precept (Inductive Study) before, but on a friend's recommendation was happy to give it a try. We (a group of 5) started with Colossians. It took a couple of weeks to get used to the format and initially we were not too sure, but as we progressed came to realise and appreciate the depth and breadth of the ground we were covering. We have also grown in our fellowship with one another. Titus will be the third study and we hope we will be able to meet up as a group as we come out of lockdown. The Zoom sessions have worked well and it has been good to have the continued focus, especially this year. Personally, I can highly recommend this form of study.”

New Precept User

Having now completed three Precept Bible schools I am feeling so much more confident with the Precept study method and find that I am automatically using the method when reading scripture, I feel so much sharper.


Life-changing. The more I dig the more confidence I gain in delivering this to others and the better I hear the Lord. I cannot extol the benefits of this way of studying enough. The PBS is amazing and so well run, sending us home with encouragement and conviction to continue gaining new converts.

Maureen (PBS Student)
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