Precept, is a creative, accessible, enjoyable and important way of reading, reflecting and understanding the Bible. It enables you to see text through a new lens, drawing out context, history, author, intention, recipients and more. I spent so much time reading books about the Bible rather than reading the Bible. This has help transform my Bible reading."


Just quick email to let you know what a fantastic bible study we had last night. We went through the study you had at your Precept training evening. Working on the same principal, the story unfolded as we read aloud, then with M & V guiding through each verse & with us writing observations, each verse opened a discussion around the table, everyone shared & questioned even B. Most weeks not everyone will share or ask questions but this evening was a complete turn round as we were “engaged”.

Pastor Richard

We had a wonderful start to Thessalonians on Friday. One lady, who in September said she struggled to read the bible, is now grinning from ear to ear and reading it daily, keen to do the homework and very excited generally. It is so wonderful to see 😊. Everyone is very enthusiastic and the difference in the group since September is extraordinary! So glad I set it up.

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