(NISS-27) Walking In Power, Love And Discipline (1/2 Timothy, Titus)


(1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus)
by Kay Arthur, David Lawson & Bob Vereen
13 Lessons

Paul, entrusted with the proclamation of the Word, passed the baton to his true children in the faith – Timothy and Titus – who would then in turn entrust God’s truths to faithful men. So what responsibility do you have? How does your life stack up?

In this 13-week NISS study “Walking in Power, Love and Discipline” cover 1 Timothy-5 weeks; 2 Timothy-5 weeks; Titus-3 weeks.  Six days of guided lessons, 20 to 30 minutes long, help and teach you how to discover God’s precepts, purposes and promises on your own. Questions for group discussion or individual study are provided on Day Seven along with closing commentary.

The New Inductive Study Series, now completely covering every book of the Bible, was created to help you discover truth for yourself and go deeper into God’s precepts, promises and purposes. Likewise, this powerful series is ideal for personal study, small groups, Sunday school classes, family devotions, and discipling others.

If you have never used a New Inductive Study Series book before, why not check out our YouTube channel here for content on how to use this resource and many more other study tools in the Precept catalog? Our channel even includes interactive studies where you can study along with us in the Precept studio.

Additional Information

Book of the Bible
1 Timothy / 2 Timothy / Titus
At least 15 minutes per day
Length of Study
13 Lessons
Training Required to Lead
Not required but helpful