The Precept
Leader Academy

Do you see the overwhelming need for people to know God and His truth for themselves? For their hunger for truth to be satisfied by being equipped to handle the Bible? If you answered "Yes!" keep reading...

What is the Precept Leader Academy?

The Precept Leader Academy is…

Run only twice each year, with a unique programme of 6 comprehensive courses through which we aim to raise up confident, competent, compassionate, creative Bible study leaders – with a long-term vision of raising up Precept Trainers across the UK and Ireland. Join us and be used by the LORD to reach your community and nation for Him.   
Throughout the PLA you will be introduced to various types of Precept studies and after each course, you will be encouraged and supported to lead a small group through the study you have just completed. 

Additional topics covered

In addition to being equipped to study and lead all Precept study series (see below for full details), the following topics will be included:
– Precept’s Inductive Study Method  
–  Starting and running a Bible study group 
–  Use of social media to build your group 
– Creating simple power point presentations 
– Online Bible study tools  
– Raising up new leaders 
– Short testimonies and stories of lives transformed by God’s Word 
– Using Precept YouTube videos 

Requirements to take part 

You will receive from us the appropriate Precept study book by post.  
You will need a computer, laptop or tablet etc which has a camera and audio facility. Using a headset or earphones with a microphone increases the clarity of sound and speech.  Access to a printer is also needed as assignments may be given during the course which you will need to print. Please also have pens, coloured pencils and a Bible.  

Differences between the Precept Leader Academy and other Precept events

Unlike other Precept training courses, or Precept Bible Schools, the PLA will include daily practical or written assignments which will allow you to put into practice what has been learned, with a final written assignment on the last day of the course.   
We’ll meet together each day from 9am – 4.30pm online, with daily assignments to be completed outside of these hours. 
In order to complete some of the studies, there will be optional follow-up meetings after the course.  

What courses are available?

You may join the PLA on any course in the 3-year cycle.  

28-30 November 2022 40Minute Ignite Your Passion For God – Christian foundations
24-26 April 2023 D4Y Jonah – Reaching children
13-16 November 2023 LORD Teach me to study the Bible – Tools to study
22-24 April 2024 NISS Micah – Do justice. Love kindness. Walk humbly
11-14 November 2024 PUP Titus – Godly Character
7-10 April 2025 In&Out Nehemiah – Leadership 
If you have further questions and would like to speak with us about the PLA, please email