Friday Online Precept Leaders Meeting

When leaders lead, the people will follow (Judges 5:2).

If you are leading any Precept study with other people, you are invited to join our exclusive Friday Online Precept Leaders Meeting, organised just for you! Join us for a short study (no homework required), time of discussion in breakout groups, fellowship, encouragement and questions answered that will strengthen your leadership.

We send out a weekly invitation email with login details, to all known leaders, if you don’t already receive this please email and we’ll send you them. Please also be sure to include where you meet and what you’re studying in the email.  Friday afternoons are currently the time we meet that we have found works best for the majority of our leaders, however If you can’t make Fridays, let us know and we can think about rearranging another time to meet in the future. We look forward to you joining us, and thank you for nurturing the growth of God’s Word in the lives of those He loves.

We’ll send you a new study each week and ask that you go through it before we meet on Fridays at 12.30pm – 2pm.  If you can’t make one week, just join the next. Hosted by Nigel & Molly Watts, we’ll be meeting together live as a group, and will be able to discuss the study via chat and also in small groups as appropriate, all via the wonders of Zoom.

So to recap, please complete the study in advance of the meeting and then join us to discuss it on Friday lunchtimes.  We would so love to have you join us.  Once we have completed our study together, feel free to share it with others.  If someone co-leads with you and wish to take part in the online study each Friday, please forward this link to them so they can connect too.

We look forward very much to meeting with you online.