(40M-001) Connect with God (40 Minute Effective Prayer, 40 Minute Biblical Fasting & 40 Minute Living Like You Belong to God)

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CONNECT WITH GOD – 40 Minute Study combo (more than 10% off):

This 40 Minute Study combo Gift Set contains three life-changing topics, making it the perfect gift for anybody seeking the Lord and connecting with Him more deeply. Get ready to draw closer to God through inductive Bible study as an individual or in a group setting. The pack contains one each of:

40 Minute The Essentials of Effective Prayer

This compelling study explores both God’s expectations of you and His promises to you when it comes to prayer. Through a detailed examination of the Lord’s Prayer and other examples of prayer throughout the Bible, you’ll discover a model for talking with God. You’ll also learn key principles of prayer and gain a deeper understanding of how prayer can draw you closer to His heart. Learn about what it truly means to communicate with the God who created the Universe.

40 Minute The Key Principles of Biblical Fasting

Since ancient times, fasting has been considered an essential spiritual discipline for strengthening one’s faith. This invigorating 40 Minute Bible study reveals why fasting matters in the life of the average Christian, highlights biblical principles for fasting effectively, and shows how this powerful discipline leads to a deeper connection with God.

40 Minute Living Like You Belong to God

God calls us to a life of joy, obedience, and trust. He calls us to be different from those around us. He calls us to be holy. In this “Living Like You Belong to God” 40 Minute Bible Study, you will discover that holiness is not an unpredictable standard within today’s church or an unreachable goal of sinless perfection. Holiness is about pleasing God. Explore the beauty of holy living and see why true holiness and true happiness always go together.

If you have never used a 40 Minute Bible study before, why not check out our YouTube channel here for content on how to use this resource and many more other study tools in the Precept catalogue? Our channel even includes interactive studies where you can study along with us.

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