(40M-010) Bądź Uczniem – Policz Koszt (Being a Disciple: Counting the Real Cost – in Polish)


by Kay Arthur, Tom and Jane Hart
6 Lessons

“Disciple” is a word that’s not generally considered a part of everyday vocabulary in contemporary society, but it gets tossed around a lot in Christian circles. You might hear phrases like: “called to be disciples of Christ,” “make disciples of all nations,” “walk as a disciple.” The concept seems very intimidating, and to a person who hasn’t spent a lifetime in church, but who wants to know God, it can be confusing. In one way or another, we are all disciples already. Get the full definition here.

Jesus said, “Come, follow Me!” Will you? What will it take? Get past the fear of commitment and learn about the freedom of walking in Christ. In this Being a Disciple Counting the Real Cost Bible Study Discover the marks and joys of the true follower of Jesus Christ.

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Additional Information

Book of the Bible
No homework
Length of Study
6 lessons
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Not required but helpful