(BB) 40 Minute: Rising to the Call of Leadership – scrunched top corner


RISING TO THE CALL OF LEADERSHIP – scrunched top corner
by Kay Arthur, David & BJ Lawson

6 Lessons

Would you call yourself a leader? Do you think that only certain people are born to be in leadership?

God calls every one of His people to positions of leadership and influence-in our homes, communities, churches, and ultimately the world. But true leadership involves more than simply being the person out front; it means living a life worth following.

In “Rising to the call of leadership” 40 Minute Bible study discover four important leaders of Israel; Eli, Samuel, Saul, and David. Explore key leadership principles, including how to make wise decisions under pressure, deal effectively with mistakes, and set a course that others will follow. Most important, you’ll learn what God expects of you-and how you can rise to the call of effective leadership. Become the leader that God has called you to be and engage with bible Study today!

If you have never used a 40 Minute Bible study before, why not check out our YouTube channel here for content on how to use this resource and many more other study tools in the Precept catalog? Our channel even includes interactive studies where you can study along with us in the Precept studio.

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6 lessons
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