(D4Y-14) Boy, Have I Got Problems! (James)


by Kay Arthur & Janna Arndt
7 Lessons

Help!  We’ve Got A Problem!

How do you deal with pressures in schools, neighbourhoods, sometimes even in your own home? What advice does God give? Have fun solving your friends’ problems as a newspaper columnist with advice from the book of James.

D4Y Boy Have I got Problems

Tons of kids write in to Ellie, our newspaper columnist, asking her advice.  And even more boys and girls get help by reading Ellie’s column.  So when Ellie’s out sick–like she is now–well, boy, do we need help!

We hear that you have just what it takes to fill Ellie’s shoes.  Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before–you’ll have all the help you need.  You’ll find answers to everyone’s problems in the Bible.  Nothing’s too big for God!

Did we mention the added bonus you get for taking on this assignment?  You’ll get to discover for yourself what the Bible, especially the book of James, says about getting help with your own problems.  Now, that’s a bonus worth your while.

Bible study is serious fun! The D4Y series introduces inductive Bible study to children old enough to read with lively narratives and illustrations that bring Bible stories to life, teaching the basic skills of Bible study for a lifetime of discovering God’s Word. Ideal for use at home or with Sunday school groups

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Additional Information

Book of the Bible
2-3 hours per lesson
Length of Study
7 lessons
Training Required to Lead