(LORD-40) Lord Only You Can Change Me (The Beatitudes – Matthew 5 – 7)


LORD ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE ME (A Devotional Study on Growing in Character from the Beatitudes) – by Kay Arthur
(The Beatitudes – Matthew 5 – 7)
9 Lessons

Forget self-help, because only Jesus can change your life and shape you into His image! His Sermon on the Mount shows you how.  In this Devotional Study on Growing in Character from the Beatitudes, learn just that.  (No lectures available. However, Guidelines for group use in the back and questions for small group discussions are given after each chapter.)

Let Kay Arthur guide you through the Scriptures every day in this comprehensive inductive study. Similarly, your time with God in His Word will minister to you and help you Grow in Character from the Beatitudes. ‘Lord only you can change me’ is based on the passages from Matthew Chapters 5-7.

No CDs/DVDs available.

Also, These topical studies from Kay Arthur offer a personal, heart-to-heart approach to Bible study based on the Precept Bible Study Method. Each study includes the text of the Scripture being studied, discussion questions, and a few minutes of daily homework making them ideal for personal study, one-on-one mentoring, and small groups. No prior Bible experience or training is needed, to use or lead these books. However if you’re looking for guidance on leading other Precept Study Resources check out our Youtube Channel here

Additional Information

Book of the Bible
Matthew 5 - 7
1 - 3 hours per lesson
Length of Study
9 lessons
Training Required to Lead