‘The Bible and Me’ S04 Ep7: Peter Bond- Gazing upon his Grace

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts sits down with Peter Bond Pastor of The Lighthouse Fellowship in Burnham on Sea. After almost losing sight in both his eyes, Peter talks of the blessings of his limited vision and what our nation has lacked in sharing the Gospel, among much more!

‘The Bible and Me’ S04 Ep6: Craig Mackay- Unity commands a Blessing

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts sits down with Craig Mackay a former police officer and director of the Refuel conference, to discuss how the views of his day to day responsibilities within his Job, changed when he found faith and seeing how despite the differences of denominations, Refuel has provided great Christian unity in Scotland.

‘The Bible and Me’ S04 Ep5: Andrei Bazanov- Joy without borders

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts sits down with Andrei Bazanov a computer science graduate and a former Moldovan citizen. With just the clothes on his back and a mission to get to England, Andrei speaks of a time in his life where he mistakenly thought he was alone on his Journey.

‘The Bible and Me’ S04 Ep4: Caroline Lamb – Break my heart, for what breaks Your heart.

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts sits down with Caroline Lamb founder of CRESS (Christian Relief and Education for South Sudan) to discuss how she felt a weight like no other from her first trip to South Sudan, that led to some truly unbelievable provisions and testimonies that confirmed God’s hand at work.

‘The Bible and Me’ S04 Ep3: Tony Wilson- Hunger for Godly Habits

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts sits down with Tony Wilson (Pastor of Friary Christian Fellowship) to discuss how any situation that we are put in, can be a great opportunity to share the gospel and why starting his day without his word, changes the whole outlook of the day.

‘The Bible and Me’ S04 Ep2: Alistair Mckitterick- Intelligent Design

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts sits down with Alistair Mckitterick a Biblical and Theological Studies Lecturer at Moorlands Bible College. With Alistair’s strong background in Science, we hear of how design on a creation scale is in fact believed by more people than you would think.

‘The Bible and Me’ S04 Ep1: Tony Hodges – Water of Sanity in an Insane World

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts sits down with Tony Hodges, an amazing entrepreneur with a heart for sharing the gospel, to converse about the day he came to know Jesus and how C.S Lewis influenced his business, his charity and now his number one hobby.

‘The Bible and Me’ S03 Episode 12: Sandy Millar- The Alpha Assurance

In this episode of Precept Ministries UK’s ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts talks to Sandy Millar about his call to ministry and why he popularised one of the most successful programs for exploring the Christian faith, The Alpha Course. LISTEN NOW!

‘The Bible and Me’ S03 Episode 11: Arthur White- The Heaviest Weight, Lifted!

In this episode of Precept Ministries UK’s ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts talks to Arthur White, a Powerlifting World Champion, record breaker and successful businessman, about the struggles of his former lifestyle without God and the cold March morning that changed all that around. LISTEN NOW!

‘The Bible and Me’ S03 Episode 10: Jamie Winch – Analysing the Facts!

In this episode of Precept Ministries UK’s ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts talks to Jamie Winch, a student at Regents Theological College, about the effect of apologetics in his Life and how an extraordinary experience at 2am, changed his life forever. LISTEN NOW!

‘The Bible and Me’ S03 Episode 9: Pete Dale – Wimp or Warrior?  

In this episode of Precept Ministries UK’s ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts talks to the Pastor of Lerwick Baptist Church in the Shetland Islands and former representative to Arab World Ministries, Pete Dale, about his journey from coal miner, to a pastoral role in the Middle East and much more. LISTEN NOW!

‘The Bible and Me’ S03 Episode 8: Jacob Prasch – Communism, to Cocaine, to Christ 

In this episode of Precept Ministries UK’s ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Nigel Watts talks to Jacob Prasch about how setting out to disprove the claims of Jesus in the Bible with Science, History and Archaeology, actually ended up bringing him to Faith.

“The Bible and Me” S03 Episode 7: Bruxy Cavey – Permission to Fail?

In this episode of ‘The Bible and Me’ Podcast, Bruxy Cavey, Pastor and author of best selling “End of Religion”, discusses his experience with street evangelism, preaching and even break dancing! LISTEN HERE NOW.

“The Bible and Me” S03 Episode 6: Rob Guinney – Trusting God

In this episode, Nigel Watts talks to Rob Guinney about using Precept inductive Bible study skills to enable God to reach his heart in a deeper way. He also talks about his trust in God in many things through his life.

“The Bible and Me” S03 Episode 5: Lindsay Hamon – Carrying My Cross, Literally!

Nigel Watts talks to Lindsay Hamon, pilgrim and author of “When God Takes Over”, about carrying a large wooden cross from place to place around the world and how he faces fear and violence with God’s help.

“The Bible and Me” S03 Episode 4: Paul & Abbie Brooks – Faith in Action as Missionaries

Nigel Watts talks to Paul and Abbie Brooks about being called early in life to serve God full time, and their lives in Taiwan as missionaries with OMF International.

“The Bible and Me” S03 Episode 3: Richard Curnow – God’s Faithfulness in My Struggles 

In this episode, Nigel Watts talks to Richard Curnow, the Pastor of Wadebridge Christian Centre about becoming a Christian in his 30’s, moving from banking to ministry work in his 50’s and his family and life struggles and how faithful God has been throughout. Richard talks also about his love of the book of Nehemiah.

“The Bible and Me” S03 Episode 2: Dr Elaine Storkey – Social Justice in Action

In this episode Nigel Watts talks to Dr Elaine Storkey, known across the world for her lecturing and writing, about her life as a Christian, and her time as President of Tear Fund, and how her experiences and other people’s stories inspired her to write her latest book ‘Scars Across Humanity’.

Dr Elaine Storkey’s website: http://www.elainestorkey.com/

“The Bible and Me” S03 Episode 1: Richard Fothergill – Yes God, I Am Willing!

Nigel Watts speaks to Richard Fothergill, co-founder of The Filling Station Network about his physical experience of being filled by the Holy Spirit and being spoken to, and re-directed by, God towards full-time Ministry.

The Filling Station https://thefillingstation.org.uk/

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 12: Brian Doerksen – Songwriter of ‘Come Now Is The Time To Worship’

Nigel Watts talks to Brian Doerksen the renowned Christian songwriter about his encounter with God as a teenager, the struggles he has had in his life, and the spreading of God’s Word through music.

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 11: Kerry Badger – Freedom in Jesus

In this episode, Molly Watts talks to Kerry Badger from St. Paul’s Church in Salisbury about her family struggles as a child, how her life was turned around with God’s help, and how He is using her to set others free through her work as a Community Pastor.

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 10: Ruth Dale – Doing All I Said I Would Not Do!

In this episode, Molly Watts talks to Ruth Dale about the importance of prayer and Bible study in her life, and how her professional and personal life was enriched by doing all the things she said she would never do from her “I Will Not Do….” list.

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 8: Sarah Yardley – From California to Creation Fest

In this episode of Precept Ministries UK’s ‘The Bible and Me’ podcast, Sarah Yardley talks to Molly Watts about her important grounding in God’s Word as a youth and how He moved her from California to Cornwall to become Creation Fest’s Festival Co-ordinator.

Creation Fest: creationfest.org.uk

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 7: David Pawson – Giving Sheep Sight 

In this episode, Nigel Watts speaks with David Pawson, an internationally recognised Bible teacher and author about his life from giving lambs sight as a farmer to giving the flock of God sight through Bible teaching.

David Pawson’s teaching library http://davidpawson.org/

David Pawson on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHcMzsUck5hwRHE77AOTNSA

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 6: Isobel Akers – My Miraculous Healing

In this episode, Nigel Watts speaks with Reverend Isobel Akers about her journey of faith through illness and her miraculous healing.

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 5: Linvoy Primus – God, Life and the Beautiful Game

In this episode, Nigel speaks to Linvoy Primus about how God’s Word impacted the life of a professional footballer

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 4: Graham Daniels – The Goal of saving souls

This episode starring Graham Daniels from Christians in Sport – http://www.christiansinsport.org.uk/

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 3: Jo Fothergill – Avalanche, post-natal depression and victorious living

In this episode, Molly chats with Jo Fothergill of The Filling Station.


To connect with Jo visit  thefillingstation.org.uk

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 2: Gavin Calver – Mission mindset and a Bible you can smell 

In this episode we chat with Gavin Calver Director of Mission for The Evangelical Alliance and Former director of Youth for Christ.

“The Bible and Me” S02 Episode 1: Chris Mould – A call to serve the poor 

This episode of The Bible and Me our guest Chris Mould discusses why he change from police training and development agency work, to working for Trussell Trust, an organisation that runs a network of over 400 foodbanks. Also, Chris discusses why the Bible is important to him and health problems that have shaped his understanding of who God is.

“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 12: Gareth Bell – Discovering the magic of God’s Word

In this episode, Nigel chats with Gareth Bell a Christian magician, Ministry leader and passionate Precept Leader.


“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 11: David Arthur – Finding a New Path

Episode 11 is a great chat with David Arthur, CEO of Precept Ministries International, we talk about his journey of faith, motorbiking, his struggles as a pastor, and what a day in the life of the head of PMI looks like.

“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 10: John Glen MP – Becoming a Balanced Biblical Public Servant

Our Guest for episode 10 is John Glen, Member of Parliament for Salisbury, Wiltshire, and Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism.

“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 9: Tommye Hammel – A conversation on Inductive Bible Study

Our guest on this episode is Tommye Hammel former Developer of Training for Precept Ministries International.

“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 8: What happened to the 15 year old preacher?

 This episodes guest is Roy Godwin is the Executive Director of The Ffald y Brenin Trust, an international Ministry based in Wales, UK. People from around the world are streaming into Ffald y Brenin Retreat Centre and House of Prayer where the Holy Spirit has been consistently moving with power for some years. Ffald y Brenin is a Welsh name and translates as The Sheepfold of the King.

Roy started preaching when he was a child and went on to train in Birmingham, England at the now-defunct Midland Bible Training College.

Roy is the author of the best-selling ‘The Grace Outpouring’ and his latest book ‘The Way of Blessing – stepping into the mission and presence of God,‘. Roy broadcasts and speaks internationally at Conferences and Leaders gatherings.

Roy is the Founder of the global Local House of Prayer movement which is rapidly spreading around the world. He is also the founder of several other movements aimed at prayer-based discipleship and mission.


Home Page

“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 11: Sally Lloyd-Jones – The Jesus Storybook Bible and a call to bring joy

Episode 7’s guest is Sally Lloyd-Jones an acclaimed British children’s book writer and is one of our favourite interviews thus far.

Sally was born in Kampala, Uganda and studied Art History with French at University of Sussex and Paris-Sorbonne University. She worked in children’s book publishing for several years before moving to the US in 1989, where she presently resides in Manhattan.

She published The Jesus Storybook Bible in 2007, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago, has sold two million copies in 19 languages, been used in women’s prisons groups, set as university required reading, and admired by theologians and pastors the world over.

There have been 8 editions including an audio edition read by actor David Suchet.

Jago also illustrated her 2012 book Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing, which was inspired by her niece who was being bullied at school.

If you want to connect with Sally you can do through her website, on her upcoming tour or on social media.

“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 6: Dr Andy Bannister – ‘I wanted to be a Muslim’

Dr Andy Bannister is the Director of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and an Adjunct Speaker for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, speaking and teaching regularly throughout the UK, Europe, Canada, the USA, and the wider world. From universities to churches, business forums to TV and radio, he regularly address audiences of both Christians and those of all faiths and none on issues relating to faith, culture, politics and society.

He holds a PhD in Islamic Studies and has taught extensively at universities across Canada, the USA, the UK and further afield on both Islam and philosophy. He is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at The Arthur Jeffery Centre for the Study of Islam at Melbourne School of Theology.

He authored  An Oral-Formulaic Study of the Qur’an (a groundbreaking and innovative study that reveals many of the ways the Qur’an was first composed) and Heroes: Five Lessons From Whose Lives We Can Learn, an exciting and fast-moving look at the lives of five incredible giants of the Christian faith. His latest book, The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist (or: The Dreadful Consequences of Really Bad Arguments), is a humorous engagement with the New Atheism. He also co-wrote and presented the TV documentary, Burning Questions.

When not travelling, speaking, or writing, I am a keen hiker, mountain climber, and photographer. I am married to Astrid and we have two children, Caitriona and Christopher.

“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 5:  Alex Ewing – ‘Football, depression, and redemption’ 

Alex Ewing, Director of the Bridge Project, has overcome hardship to move into God’s purpose for his life.

The Bridge is a registered, ecumenical Christian charity working in local schools at both primary and secondary level providing various levels of support. We work in approximately 26 schools on a regular basis and we have a team of over 30 people from across the churches in Salisbury.

At both levels (but particularly in the secondary work) we are increasingly expanding our work to provide support for both pupils and staff through a chaplaincy style method of work. We seek to be a Christian ‘presence’ in a school and express this through specific pieces of work – social skills groups, lunchtime clubs, lessons, collective worships, mentoring, detached work in the playground or pastoral support work targeted around young people with recognised difficulties. Our aim is to respond to need in a school whilst maintaining and expressing our distinct Christian faith and ethos.

As well as meeting the needs of schools and young people, we also want to give students of all ages an opportunity to hear about and explore the Christian faith in a way that is relevant and connects with the world they live in. Some of our projects offer an opportunity to explore the Christian faith, such as ‘Prayer Space’ week, which presents the Gospel to the school and we run and support a number of Christian Unions and outreach projects.

The Bridge is so called because it seeks to be a ‘bridge’ between schools in the Salisbury area and churches. We were founded by ‘Churches Together in Salisbury’ in 1994. We seek to be a bridge that will enable young people to connect with and benefit from the rich life within Salisbury churches. We also strongly believe in the huge wealth of church members from across Salisbury, who have much to offer our schools with their time, talents and experience all adding to the life of local schools through a range of volunteering opportunities.


“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 4: Brian Brodersen – ‘Life of Brian’

Episode 4 features Brian Broderson and is hosted by Nigel Watts.

Brian has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 30 years. He has served as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Vista, in Southern California, and also as Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Westminster, London, England. Brian has been extensively involved in missionary work throughout various parts of Europe. He now serves as Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California. Brian is the featured speaker on the Bible teaching programme ‘Back to Basics’. He is known for his clear and challenging exposition of the Scriptures. Brian and his wife Cheryl have four children and five grandchildren.

To connect with Brian Brodersen visit:





“The Bible and Me” S01 Episode 3:  Jennifer Carter – ‘Divine Creativity and Fighting the Proverbs 31 Woman’ 

In Episode 3 Molly Watts chats with christian author and speaker Jennifer Carter about being a creative woman of God and her wrestling with the Proverbs 31 woman.

To find out more about Jennifer Carter visit: http://www.jennifer-carter.com/

Watch her great series on creativity on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDYPVfTS424

Alternatively on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/JenniferCarterWriter

All books talked about in this episode are available on Amazon.