(DS-06) “Walk, Stand, Sit” Discovery Study – Free Download


Discover the truth for yourself about what it means to be part of the blessed. Dive in with this quick Walk Stand sit Discovery Study on Psalm 1. 

Have you ever just stopped to look at the people around you? What did you see? It’s fascinating how quickly you adjust from seeing a crowd to seeing individuals. You might even categorise the people: Some look kind, some hardened, some sophisticated, some casual, some wise, some foolish. In this study discover what it means to live set apart for Christ.

Discovery studies contain all the verses required to annotate and answer the questions on the same sheet. Each complete study roughly takes a maximum of 15 minutes to finish on its own. Similarly, all of the relevant scripture is included in the Study. The only requirement is a pen to mark with and answer the questions. If you want to use multiple colours to give a better distinction between your symbols then feel free to. However, this is completely optional and is not required to complete the study.

If you’re using this great Precept resource for the first time or with large groups studying inductively, we encourage you to take it at a pace that best suits you.

Alternatively, find out how to use our similar layout range of free resources called Lightning studies here . Similarly, if you are enjoying this particular format and are finding real benefit in understanding God’s Word this way, you can download other Discovery Studies, like this Walk Stand sit Discovery Study download, here

Additional Information

Book of the Bible
Psalm 1
Length of Study
1 lesson
Training Required to Lead